2020 is here and the spring-summer trend is full of color, evocative silhouettes and many, many garments that we will want to wear right now. Get ahead of what is coming and go preparing your closet for what you are going to wear as soon as this Autumn-Winter ends because the season is most appealing.

1.- Reinvent Your Raincoat

Next spring, the raincoats or the “trench”, which come so well for those days of rain and mild temperatures will have a lot of prominences but they will do it with renewed forms. We have seen them on the catwalks with new silhouettes of the most appetizing and always with an irresistible romantic point.

2.- The Mauve Color Will Be Choose One

It seems that the mauve is going to be one of the star colors next spring. To be up to date in the new 2020 season you have to include this color in your wardrobe. The good news is that it is quite flattering whatever your skin tone.

3.- Total Look in Denim

The most prestigious firms have surrendered to this material and propose trendy and sophisticated looks in the most democratic fabric there is. Best of all, you can take it as you please with monochromatic looks of refined lines, mix light and dark denim fabric in a single look (there will be garments that combine both) or dare with its more eighty sides.

4.- Multicolor Leather

Forget brown and black to wear leather. In the new 2020 versions that we have seen on the catwalk, designers have opted, and very strong, for color. Their proposals range from the most delicate pastel tones to fluorine tones, you choose.

Traditionally, leather is a winter fabric, but many designers propose it as a trend in spring-summer 2020. In its most technicolor version, with roses, reds, and greens dyeing the leather to modernize it.

5.- Preppy Sailor

The marine stripe print was popularized by the very Coco Chanel and since then they have become an elegant basic that can always be used but even more so in the spring. In fact, it is easy to see this trend on the catwalk and especially in the street when the good weather arrives, but this season it will take preppy code. A classic that never fails.

6.- Multicolored Male Suit

As with leather garments, the most classic jacket suits will experience a colorful outbreak in the Spring-Summer 2020 season. The Americans with matching pants will be dyed in the most daring tones to leave us formal but very cheerful looks.

7.- Micro Top

The tops have reduced their size, even more, becoming almost like a bustier. The key to wear it without looking like you have taken to the streets in underwear is to integrate it into looks in which you wear or a skirt or high waist pants and also a jacket, but better if it is oversized and let’s see the top only partially.

8.- Bucolic Dresses

Flowered, vaporous, long and with a dramatic point, the dresses we will wear next spring will not go unnoticed and will give us a totally irresistible romantic air. We all want to be on vacation on a desert island. We may not be able to fulfill all our desires, but tropical and jungle dresses will bring us a little closer to them on the shortest and hottest nights of summer 2020.

9.- Tie-Dye

Tie-dye is the pattern that next season will succeed again in the streets. It will take, especially in denim garments but we must not lose sight of more formal ones that are also going to be dyed in this way that reminds us so much of the 90s. We give you ideas on how to wear the tie-dye print in the next season.

10.- The Fluorine

We had already warned when talking about leather but this fabric will not be the only one to dye the most striking fluorescent tones. Although it is a trend that drinks directly from sports fashion, in the Spring-Summer 2020 it will stay well away from gym clothes to transform the most romantic dresses and the most sophisticated costumes. If this past 2019 you did not dare to fluorine colors, you still have a chance. Fuchsias, yellows, greens, and oranges that will make you the focus of all eyes. And that will make you feel great with the vacation tan.

11.- To Work in Bermuda-Shorts

Jacket suits are a real obsession. Even in summer, when we saw some advanced wear them in Bermuda-shorts format, with shorts above the knee and sartorial design. It seemed to come: those trendsetters were predicting what would be viral in 2020: we will work in Bermuda-shorts when June arrives.

12.- Sixties Geometric Print

The ’60s were the decade of prints par excellence. Among the geometric and psychedelic full-color, nobody wanted to dress in flat tones. In fashion, everything comes back and Gucci has made sure that these prints are not far behind. They look like the design of curtains, sofas and retro walls, but it will wear our looks with a lot of styles.

13.- The Suit Vests Become Feminine

We saw it in Saint Laurent, with a very sophisticated Kaia Gerber wearing diplomatic stripe shorts and sartorial vest. And we knew that look magic would have consequences. It is clear, between the suit shorts and the vest this spring-summer 2020 will be very ‘working’. And they will be wearing with or without anything underneath, like the blazer.

14.- Pantone Takes Fashion: a Classic Blue

Of course, the Pantone color of 2020 already has a privileged place between it-girls and designers. We also do not take our eyes off, because with its relaxed and versatile hue that reminds of denim fabric will combine with everything.

15.- John Travolta knew the Truth: Disco Shirts Will Be (again) Trend

We saw Saturday Night Fever and thought that those pointed shirt collars had long been without being fashionable again. Said and done, because designers from Victoria Beckham to Loewe have recovered it to fill our looks with retro airs and discotheques. Hello 70’s, we were waiting for you.

16.- Seventies Floral Pants

In case it was not clear that the Seventy are again the most with the disco shirts, we also recover their floral pants. A boho-chic trend popularized by Woodstock hippies 50 years ago. Now it returns with a plus of sophistication, wrapped in lingerie, satin fabrics, and very elegant fluids. These trousers and beautiful sandals no more are needed!


Yes, that time has come: to start choosing the spring-summer 2020 trends. And the reasons are not few, starting with the fact that the proposals of the catwalk were presented long enough to make it necessary remember them and ending with the spring designs that can already be found in the sections of the new Nakomico season.

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