Shipping and Delivery Policy

  • The customer will choose the place of the product’s receipt at the time of placing the order. The validity of it is his sole responsibility. Nakomico reserves the right to use all the necessary means to deliver the products to the address indicated by the customer. 

  • Nakomico is not responsible for the lack and/or error in the consignment of the address for the purposes of sending the products. If you need to request a change of delivery address, this order must be made on the occasion of placing the purchase order or by sending an email to [email protected] informing the new delivery address and the number of orders, before shipping it.

  • Shipments and deliveries for free will be made only in the local territory (optional). 

  • Shipments Abroad: By accepting the general conditions, the customer agrees to pay the shipping and customs fees. When making a purchase, the user receives in their email box a confirmation that the order has been accepted together with an order number.

  • In case you need to receive your order earlier then the approximate days, Nakomico offers you an express delivery method whether you are in France or abroad. You should keep in mind that such a service has an additional cost.

  • Orders will have a preparation period of 1-6 business days, excluding the day of receipt of the order. Shipments are made by a Mail company that Nakomico will choose. From that moment, the delivery time will depend on the company and the distance to the destination.

Delivery and Receipt of Orders Policy

Any event, such as weather conditions, accident, strike, administrative decision or transport strike that delays, prevents or causes the supply to be exorbitant, constitutes, by express agreement, a suspension or termination clause of the obligations of the Nakomico company, without compensation for the benefit of the client if the event takes place for more than 45 days. 

In these circumstances, the client will be exempted, completely and automatically, from his obligations regarding his order. Nakomico will inform the customer through any suitable means and on the same day that the event occurs so that he can freely cancel his orders by a reply by e-mail once the event is notified.

We recommend that if you buy different items at once, you must group them in the same order. We are not responsible for the damages that the package may suffer after dispatch since we ensure that they are well-sealed and protected within the dispatch package, which provides cushioning and thermal insulation, among other properties. Items will be protected by Nakomico.

Overseas Shipping Costs Policy

The user will be clearly informed of the delivery costs at the end of the purchase. These costs are calculated based on the total weight and/or the total volume of the shipment, and also depend on the area of the delivery address.

Shipping costs will be discriminated as a separate item within the invoice. Nakomico is always working to improve the quality and cost of delivery for its customers.

Delivery Schedules/Days Policy

Products will be delivered from Monday to Friday, also on Saturday in some countries and in 3 to 14 days with the exception of national holidays. When the delivery date coincides with a holiday, it will be passed to the next business day. Users may not choose either the schedule or the day on which the purchased product (s) will be delivered. Suggestions may be made in the field of observations at the time of purchase, which will be subject to the circuit of the company in charge of sending the products.

Shipping and Handling Packing Policy

Nakomico work to make the products shipped are of excellent quality both inside and outside its packing. Therefore, we strive to ensure that the delivery of your product reflects safety through durable packaging and passes every possible safety and handling control.

Our packaging also stands out for highlighting our brand, carrying the Nakomico logo as a synonym for guarantee and quality (optional). We take care that your order is safe in its original box until its destination, being able to avoid any blow and enduring long journeys.

Among our packaging service, we also offer our customers special packaging in case it is a gift for a third party and you want to surprise him/her. To purchase and confirm the shipment in a gift box, please contact us at [email protected] within 24 hours of placing your order. (optional)