The wearables sector has been completely renovated and brands have returned to pay attention to devices that have gone through worse times. Now, devices like smartwatches are living a second youth. The emergence of the smart band today and trends based on a commitment to a healthy lifestyle has returned to integrate smartwatches into the market. This is where devices like the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 appear, without a doubt, one of the few smartwatches that can compete with the Apple Watch.

We have been able to analyze thoroughly after having used them for three weeks and the truth is that it is hard to get rid of it. In general, from Samsung, they have managed to make the Galaxy Active 2 appear as one of those devices that manage to integrate into our daily life that is strange to live without them after a while. The evolution of this model with respect to the previous generation is good, without forgetting a design that follows similar lines to what we had seen on other occasions.

Internally it is where an important change is appreciated thanks to a quite intuitive and complete operating system that even allows you to play YouTube videos. It is also worth noting an outstanding tactile response accompanied by the integration of a tactile bevel that greatly improves the user experience.

Then, from Nakomico we’ll tell you all about this smartwatch so you can know each and every detail of the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Improved Design with Minimalist Air

The aesthetics of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 follows the lines of the previous version. Samsung has decided to bet on a minimalist appearance that turns its new smartwatch into a versatile device that can be used at any time. We speak of a circular sphere that comes accompanied by aluminum / stainless steel edges and two physical buttons.

In the back, we find plastic as the material chosen for skin contact and the incorporation of eight heart rate sensors. A kind of watch like those of a lifetime that has integrated all the news that a smartwatch would have. Without forgetting the serigraphy of the South Korean brand imposed around the sensors. In this regard, Samsung has wanted to take care of every detail to offer a truly premium aesthetic.

As for its dimensions, the Galaxy Active 2 comes to Nakomico in two different models: a larger one of 44 mm. of the box with 1.4 inches of size and the second option of 40 mm. and 1.2 inches. In our case, leather is the main material of a strap that brings that elegant touch. However, there are all kinds of straps available so that each user can see their tastes rewarded.

In general, the new Samsung smartwatch is an attractive device in which the reduction of frames has been one of the most worked aspects compared to the previous version. The maintenance of the circular sphere is a real success when it comes to integrating a premium appearance. Even so, and considering that we are not going to read a book on the watch, it seems a good option that differentiates the Galaxy Active Watch 2 from the rest of the competition.

Quality Display With The Inclusion of The Touch Bevel

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels that is shown as one of the highlights of the device. The quality of the panel increases with respect to the previous version and once again has the Gorilla Glass protection specific to this type of device. Viewing content on this smartwatch is a delight and the maximum brightness allows it to be used in all types of situations, no matter how much light is radiated on it.

The colors are very striking and have a correct contrast with good visualization. At this point, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 meets these features.

But if there is a point in which Samsung’s new smartwatch stands out, it is in the touch bevel. After a generation without integrating it, the South Korean company has decided to incorporate a small touch surface at the edge of the screen with which navigation is greatly facilitated. Scrolling through the device now becomes much simpler so the vision of the content improves greatly.

Hardware and Sound

From Samsung, they have decided to bet on the Exynos 9110 as a power base for their new smartwatch. The Galaxy Active Watch 2 meets all the requirements at the level of fluidity and is accompanied by a total of 4 GB of internal storage and 1.5 GB of RAM in the 4G model. It is a very fluid device that responds instantly to each and every one of the orders.

On the other hand, the Samsung smartwatch has a speaker that can reach relatively high levels to make and receive calls in places where there is little noise.

Battery Performance

The Samsung smartwatch has a capacity that holds a maximum of approximately two days with normal use. Of course, the battery duration will depend on the functionalities we use on a day-to-day basis. In our test days, for example with GPS disabled, the life of the watch lasted for three days. In addition, when we go to sleep it is recommended to activate the “Good night” mode to prevent the screen from turning on involuntarily.

Also, the charging time of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has improved compared to previous versions. In most cases, we had to wait for a total of approximately one and a half hours to reach 100%. Of course, if we compare it with the other watches of its direct competition, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is one of the best in this section.

The charging mechanism is based on placing the watch on the rounded base that is included in the box and waits to adhere to it by a magnet. We also have to add the possibility of it to be charged wirelessly through the reverse charging of other devices.

Tizen is Still The Best Option

Samsung bets on Tizen as the base of the operating system in its Galaxy Watch range that can be compatible with both Android and iOS. It is also worth to mention the incorporation of the active screen mode, the water block (very useful when showering).

1.- Spheres

There are a lot of spheres to choose from, you can also choose them from the Galaxy Store. Some of these skins can be customized manually when choosing the color or components.

As complementary functionality appears MyStyle, a kind of algorithm that is able to identify the clothes we are wearing to offer us the most appropriate sphere. To do this, we will have to give permission to the mobile camera from the Samsung Wearable app and wait for it to recognize the tones to generate a skin that combines with our clothes.

2.- Notifications

Notifications reach us instantly, whether it be WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram or Gmail. Also, you can even answer calls from the watch itself. To write you have a keyboard or by voice.

3.- Internal Applications

The new Galaxy Watch has a calendar, alarms, gallery music, weather, contacts, etc.

It also has Samsung’s virtual assistant, Bixby. Samsung Pay is another of the most outstanding tools. With the Galaxy Watch Active 2, we have been able to make all kinds of payments through NFC support.

4.- External Applications

From the Galaxy Store, you can download YouTube or Spotify. You can watch videos and download music directly on the watch to play it anywhere without having to use your mobile.

5.- A watch Focused on Sport

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is manufactured to account for physical exercise. Inside the spheres, we will find endless ways that can adapt to all kinds of physical activity to have control: Walking, running, swimming, abs, cycling, yoga, dancing, etc. Also, it will be the watch itself that begins to measure these training autonomously on many occasions identifying the type of exercise we are doing.

Useful Sensors

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 has the following sensors: Heart rate sensor, Accelerometer, Electrocardiogram, Gyroscope, Barometer. From these five components, the watch is able to detect all kinds of movements, heartbeat, stress, and sleep. The section dedicated to stress control has some exercises with which you can control your breathing.

Our Opinion on The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

We see that Samsung has improved the design of the Galaxy Watch Active range. The screen is better, the software and the performance are more fluid, there are a greater number of sports functions and spheres.

 The inclusion of applications such as YouTube or Spotify is also shown as another plus along with an interface improvement. It is a delight to move around the device and the synchronization with the different phones that we have tried have been quite good. If there is something that Samsung could improve is in its battery life.

From Nakomico, we certainly approve the use of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, especially if you are a fitness person. No doubt we believe that it is the true enemy of the Apple Watch and a highly recommended device.

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