The Galaxy Note family was born with the idea of creating a smartphone that the market still could not have offered. That is to say, to gather a group of exceptional characteristics in the same mobile.

In this way, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note10 Plus in 2019 which is considered the best mobile ever created by Samsung. Below, we present a complete analysis so you know why.

The Best of Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Its Design

It is impressive how a mobile phone with a 6.8-inch screen can become so light and thin, while maintaining impeccable build quality, with glass panels that blend perfectly with the aluminum chassis, and a spectacular “Aura Glow” color that reveals new tones as the light hits the back of the phone. On top of that, the phone maintains the attractive classic square appearance of the Note.

Samsung has been able to maintain its dimensions taking into account the fact that inside it includes a space in which the new S-Pen is housed just over 10 centimeters long. It is also worth admiring the design and engineering work carried out by Samsung by incorporating the front speaker at the top of the screen.

Also, Samsung protects its terminal against water and dust with an IP68 certification level. On the other hand, the USB Type C 3.0 connector is present at the bottom, while the upper part is exclusively for the microphone, a small hole that helps the propagation of the audio through the front speaker, and the slot for the SIM card and microSD card. You will also see that the headphone port is not there because Samsung introduced a larger battery.

Another detail that Samsung has decided to withdraw is the button to invoke the Bixby assistant. Instead, we only have the volume buttons and the on or off button.

Its (Huge) Screen

A good part of the Note series essence resides on its screen, and the Galaxy Note10+ one does not disappoint. A huge glass panel Gorilla Glass 6 curved on both sides occupies almost the entire front of the phone, thanks to reduced margins to a minimum and with a front camera on the top.

It is convenient to appreciate that the device arrives with an applied plastic screen protector, with a soft touch that, unlike other models, can be removed without damaging what is hidden underneath.

About its technical part, it should be noted that the Galaxy Note10+ screen, 6.8 inches diagonal and Infinity-O format, is based on Dynamic AMOLED technology, and its resolution lands at 3,040 x 1,440 pixels, which translates at a pixel density of almost 500 dots per inch. There is no lack of compatibility with HDR10+ content, support for the complete DCI-P3 color spectrum and Eye Comfort certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland so that the panel is able to reduce the damaging effects of blue light.

Consuming multimedia content on a screen of this size and of such quality is simply wonderful. Its maximum brightness of 1,200 nits allows us to see the content outside even on sunny days, and OLED technology translates into optimal contrast levels.

Its Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 + is one of the fastest mobiles we have tested. The jump of the Exynos 9820 of the S10 to this 9825 is practically imperceptible in the use with the phone during the day to day, as is the step of 8 to 12 GB of RAM.

The existence of the UFS 3.0 memory chip, which places the Note10 + in a select club where transfer speed, access to files stored in memory and other operations carried out in the internal storage of the system feels somewhat lighter when compared to other terminals with UFS 2.1 memory.

Also, where the existence of Exynos 9825 is noted in this Note10+ is in autonomy. The 4,300 mAh of the Galaxy Note10+ allows you to go through the day of use without problems, and arrive at night with about 30-35% of a battery having used the phone in a relatively intense way.

As always, everyone’s experience will be different depending on their habits. In any case, the fast charging of 25W allows you to recharge the battery from 0 to 100% in just over 70 minutes, and thanks to the technology based on the USB Power Delivery system, it will not be difficult to find chargers that allow you to take advantage of the 45W of charge that supports the Note10+, both universal and Samsung’s own.

Its Multimedia Section

The terminals of the Note family raise passions among the power users, and it is mainly due to the complete multimedia section with which Samsung usually gives these devices.

It is true that the lack of headphone minijack slightly limits its capabilities in this regard. For the rest, the Note10+ approves the rest of the aspects related to the multimedia section.

For starters, the audio through the stereo speakers is excellent. The sound generated by the device is balanced and crisp even at high volume levels. The Type C AKG USB headphones included in the box, despite not having noise cancellation, isolate correctly and the audio quality is good, in addition to being especially light.

Also, the new vibration motor integrated into the device, according to Samsung larger and more powerful than in previous versions. The answer is firm and powerful, comparable to models like Pixel 3, and certainly one of the best we can find in the Android landscape.

In honor of its legacy, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ allows its holders to expand storage through a MicroSD card of up to 512 GB, which will allow us to obtain up to 1 TB of storage in the 512 GB model.

Beyond all that, Samsung provides the terminal with useful functions as a tool to measure objects and actually augmented objects using the depth sensor, 3D scanner – it is necessary to download the corresponding app from the Galaxy Store to use it – a complete editor video, and of course the S-Pen.

The New S-Pen

Achieving a difference from the rest of the phones on the market is more difficult than ever but the Galaxy Note10+ plays with the advantage of the S-Pen, and this year is the most advanced we have seen so far is a model of the Note series.

The integrated smart stylus releases changes that, without being revolutionary, will probably be welcomed by all those lovers of this little accessory of just over 3 grams in weight.

The first novelty is hidden inside: a gyroscope, whose function is to enable the possibility of controlling the smartphone through gestures in the air, for example, by moving the S-Pen up or down in the camera app to change of modes if moving from left to right or to switch between the front and rear camera with up or down gestures. It is also possible to configure gestures to perform different actions depending on the application that is open.

On paper, it seems an interesting function, even considering the possibility of configuring gestures and that the detection of movements is precise enough.

The Galaxy Note10+ S-Pen also incorporates all the classic features of this accessory, such as the ability to write notes on the screen off, take screenshots of specific sectors, a real-time text translator, animated messages, take pictures “at a distance” and a new tool that allows detecting and copying any text that appears on the screen despite not being selectable.

Regardless of the usefulness of the functions of the stylus included in the terminal software, the extra precision offered by the S-Pen when performing photo or video editing tasks, when writing freehand or any other operation that is useful requires some thoroughness when touching the screen.

Nakomico Final Opinion

Somehow, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ marks the end of one era and the beginning of another. One in which the Note series models are no longer just for those who want to have everything, but they point to a much wider and not so concrete market.

But despite everything, and leaving aside concepts, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is the best phone created by Samsung to date where we can enjoy good design and screen, where the Exynos 9825 offers an excellent result, and UFS memory 3.0 brings an extra speed that is appreciated. The S-Pen also stands out where it remains a useful, convenient and differentiating tool, its versatile camera system and a complete multimedia section. Worth it? Definitely yes! And you can find it at Nakomico.

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