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This product is a high-resolution 30-frame(1280×960) remote video surveillance with an external TF card. As a multifunctional high-tech product, the product is available multiple functions, such as: video, sound recording, induction video, take a photo, cyber chat, electric and file storage. Besides, the product can replace the high-resolution video with 2 million pixels, sound and file automatically. Meanwhile, the product is designed the multiple languages for telling the time. It supports 32 GB storage. Its TF card can be use for a long time and remote controller can be easy to handle. With the best imperceptibility, this product will be as your ideal assistant to prevent theft and get evidence.


Smoke detector appearance, not a real smoke detector Motion detector recording; pixel: 2.0 maga pixel; scope for sound recording: 40m2 Video resolution: 1280*960, 30fps; video format: AVI Viewing angle: 72 degree; microphone: built-in Capacity of memory card: 32GB maximally (not included)

Item Specifics

Pixel: 2.0 Mega Pixel Resolution: 1280*960 Video Format: AVI Frame Number: 30fps Vision Angle: 72° Introduction Photographing: 6 Meters for Straight-line Distance Minimum Illumination: 1LUX Battery Capacity: 800MA Continuous Recording Time: Over 12 Hours Remote Operating Distance: 15m Scope for Sound Recording: 40㎡ Power Consumption: 130MA/3.7V Storage Temperature: -20—80℃ Working Temperature: -10—60℃ Working Humidity: 15—85%RH Type of Memory Card: Mini SD Card Player Software: Media Player/KM Player USB Interface: USB 2.0 Operating System: WIN2000/XP/Visat32/7 Time Consumed of Storage: 1GB/40minutes Charging Time: About 4 Hours

Handling Instruction

1. Open the rotational cover at the right side, insert the TF card and turn “ON” to get ready. 2. the remote control is aimed at the positive of the machine, pressing the power button boot, red and blue double light on, after initialization, blue light off, red light long time on, into the sand by status. 3. (Photos)In standby mode, click the camera button, red light off, start taking pictures and save. 4. (Video) In standby mode, click the video button, red light off after flashing three times and starts to take the video. In video state, click he video button to stop recording and save it into standby mode. 5. (Recording) In standby mode, click the Record button alone, blue light off after flashing three times and starts to record. click button again, stop and save. 6. (motion detection) In standby mode, click the Motion button, red and blue double light off after flashing 4 times, into motion detecting mode. When there is an object was moving ahead of the  machine, blue light flashes one time and into motion detecting camera, short time click motion button again, stop motion detecting, save and into standby mode. 7. (IP Webcam) Connect your computer using USB cable, red light flashes one time, and then blue light flashes one time, after initialization, blue light continues to Flash. Short press the power button, enter into PCCAM. 8. Charging: in the connection of the computer and charger can charge, in charging products, blue lights flashing condition. Off after finish charge. 9. Reset: When the product is stopped responding for the illegal operation or other inexplicable reasons, hit OFF state with switch, then hit ON can product reset. 10. When the batteries are low-power blue parade kept flashing, at this time, should immediately recharged. When no electricity, the file is automatically stored. Four, file storage and broadcast complete videos operations, move the switch on. Plug in USB, copy or shear the file inside the store to the computer to play, or remove the TF card, using the card reader to read the file data. Recommended using media player KM player and other players.

Package Includes

1 x Remote Control Smoke Detector Hidden Camera 1 x Remote Controller 1 x USB Cable 1 x User Manual

Net Weight: 140g

Product type: Security & Protection

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