Having young and healthy skin is possible with proper care. One of them is the use of facial masks, responsible for repairing and feeding in depth. But, as always, it is necessary to choose the right one for your skin type and needs in order to fully take advantage of all its benefits (improvement of appearance and tone, hydration, firmness, etc). Nakomico helps you choose the right one with these tips.

Choose a Face Mask

The most important thing when choosing this type of product is to assess your skin type, the characteristics of the product and what the skin needs. As we know, sensitive skin with protection needs is not the same as an oily face that needs to regulate sebum production.

By Skin Type:

  • Dry and sensitive skin. In these cases, moisturizing and nourishing masks are the most appropriate since they tend to be skins that tend to feel tight or red. These types of masks feed and protect the upper layer of the epidermis. If there is a lot of dryness, it is better to choose a creamier texture like Nakomico XXXX masks.
  • Mixed and oily skin. The most suitable masks are the purifiers because they regulate excess sebum and, with it, pimples and shine. Better not to choose creamy or heavy textures, but to opt for a gel mask that also provides a sensation of freshness such as XXXX.

By Type of Mask:

The masks, depending on their main components, fulfill different functions: clean, moisturize, tighten, relax, etc.

  • Moisturizers: they are responsible for forming a barrier to retain moisture and are especially suitable for dry skin or with small wrinkles or expression lines.
  • Exfoliants: help eliminate dead cells to increase the luminosity of the face.
  • Purifiers: eliminate unpleasant glare and close the dilated pores.
  • Nutritious: provide nutrition, luminosity and comfort to the skin. They usually contain vitamins or other components, such as caviar, for greater action.
  • Tensioners: give the skin a rested appearance. Its components usually include hyaluronic acid or collagen, so they also provide extra hydration.
  • Soothing: they are indicated both for sensitive skin with redness, and to apply after performing a facial peel.

By Type of Problem or Need:

Below, you will find a series of recommendations based on the needs of your skin.

  • Dehydration: there are masks of intensive hydration, with active ingredients such as vitamins E and C, which give the skin smoothness and smooth appearance.
  • Sensitivity: choose a soothing mask that contains assets such as aloe vera or thermal water. Combine this procedure with a specific facial treatment at home with natural ingredients.
  • Oily: opt for astringent masks that combine clays and other components such as copper, which has antibacterial and healing properties if there are acne marks.
  • Opaque skin: those masks that contain caviar give a great luminosity, reaffirm and improve the elasticity of the skin.
  • Flaccidity: Vitamin C or collagen-rich masks prevent and improve skin flaccidity.
  • Aging: most of the masks with hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, E and C, elastin or coenzyme Q10, help recover those skins with signs of aging, providing extra hydration and improving their appearance.
  • Impurities: choose masks with a peeling effect that clean in depth.

The mask should be used once or twice a week, trying to do it at night, since this is when our skin enters the process of cell regeneration. You can also choose to alternate it with facial veils.

When to Apply and How to Use a Face Mask?

To moisturize the skin, it is not only necessary to apply the cream daily (try our XXXX moisturizer), there are other cleansing and moisturizing rituals that provide extra nutrition to the face. Just as you should exfoliate the skin once a week to remove dirt and dead cells (XXXX facial scrub), it is also advisable to wear a facial mask appropriate to our skin type, as they help recover the level of skin water needed and maintain away acne or the appearance of the first wrinkles. There are masks for all skin types, you just have to know when and how to use them.

When to Apply a Face Mask?

Unlike facial creams, masks should be applied once a week or every fifteen days. It is necessary to let them act, at least, for ten or fifteen minutes. In the case of purifying masks for oily skin, it is recommended to leave them even half an hour to absorb all the oil that the face has and thus avoid the appearance of pimples and acne.

As we said before, the best is to apply a face mask at night, when the skin prepares for rest and receives all the properties better. After a good cleaning and before using the night cream (try our XXXX night cream), we will apply the masks with your fingers. While leaving the mask on the face, we can do other things, but we must not exceed the time, as they can dry the skin.

Now that we know when to wear a face mask, we will explain step by step how to use your mask.

How to Use Your Mask Step By Step

1.- The first step in any beauty routine is cleaning. With a cleansing gel (XXXX try our product) and warm water, we will remove all dirt from the face and, if necessary, the skin will be exfoliated so the product that is in the mask can be absorbed better.

2.- Once we have dried the face, without dragging, we will apply the appropriate mask to our skin type. It must be done carefully, avoiding the contour of the eyes and lips. It will be applied with the fingertips. When we make sure that the entire face is covered except the areas to avoid mentioned, we must leave it at least ten minutes.

3.- Now remove the mask and with your fingers apply a light massage so that what is left of the product is absorbed.

4.- Now we proceed to hydrate the skin with our cream (try our XXXX moisturizer). It has to be a nutritious and dense cream for the skin to recover its water levels.


Remember that, although masks are a necessary option for skincare, it is very important to complement it with additional care such as exfoliating and moisturizing creams, it is also important that you protect your skin with sunscreen both in summer and winter. In Nakomico you will find various products dedicated to the health of your skin as well as specific cosmetic products, which will make your skin healthy and look its best.

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