How to Choose The Ideal Facial Mask?

Having young and healthy skin is possible with proper care. One of them is the use of facial masks, responsible for repairing and feeding in depth. But, as always, it is necessary to choose the right one for your skin type and needs in order to fully take advantage of all its benefits (improvement of appearance and tone, hydration, firmness, etc). Nakomico helps you choose the right one with these tips. Choose a Face Mask The most important thing when choosing this type of product is to assess your skin type, the characteristics of the p...

Spring-Summer Fashion Trends 2020

2020 is here and the spring-summer trend is full of color, evocative silhouettes and many, many garments that we will want to wear right now. Get ahead of what is coming and go preparing your closet for what you are going to wear as soon as this Autumn-Winter ends because the season is most appealing. 1.- Reinvent Your Raincoat Next spring, the raincoats or the "trench", which come so well for those days of rain and mild temperatures will have a lot of prominences but they will do it with renewed forms. We have seen them on the catwalks ...

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review

The wearables sector has been completely renovated and brands have returned to pay attention to devices that have gone through worse times. Now, devices like smartwatches are living a second youth. The emergence of the smart band today and trends based on a commitment to a healthy lifestyle has returned to integrate smartwatches into the market. This is where devices like the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 appear, without a doubt, one of the few smartwatches that can compete with the Apple Watch. We have been able to analyze thoroughly after havin...

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Nakomico’s Analysis

The Galaxy Note family was born with the idea of creating a smartphone that the market still could not have offered. That is to say, to gather a group of exceptional characteristics in the same mobile. In this way, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note10 Plus in 2019 which is considered the best mobile ever created by Samsung. Below, we present a complete analysis so you know why. The Best of Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Its Design It is impressive how a mobile phone with a 6.8-inch screen can become so light and thin, while maintaining imp...